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Zoot Suit Mens Black Tonal Stripe 3 Piece Fortini 29198
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Zoot suits like this black shadow stripe zoot suit bring the noise like few other suits that a man can wear. Just imagine that you're invited to a fun party where people show up wearing costumes and you and one or two other guys are wearing Zoot Suits. Everyone there is going to check you out even for just a moment because that is power that zoot suits seem to have on people. The whole original purpose of wearing zoot suits was to get attention and for the most part and have everyone looking at you and who you are. One of our most popular zoot suits available is this bad boy right here. The king of swing. The master of zoot suits, the black tonal stripe 3 piece zoot suit by Fortini. If you want to dress with Pachuco attitude and Pachuco style, this is the suit you need to roll in. More often than not, people seem to gravitate to the black and white stripe zoot suits more than any other color, I guess because there is simply so many ways to wear it. You can get yourself some black and white spectator shoes and really bang out an outfit that is made for fun. This black 3 piece zoot suit features a long 36 inch jacket , matching vest and double pleated baggy pants ready for hemming. Fabric is high quality Poly/Rayon fabric. This is a perfect zoot suit for anyone trying to replicate a period correct zoot suit costume because it is actually a real suit and not some flimsy pale imitation. All it takes to wear a zoot suit as a costume is the right attitude and that attitude is fun. With the long jacket swinging, you'll be all set Daddio. Or if you are shopping for a Gangster costume from the 1940s, you can also make this a great choice as well. These days you'll find many young men going in a different direction by wearing Stacy Adams Shoes.
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