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Walking Suits
When it comes to mens urban style, one thing quickly rises to the top of the ladder. A fashion necessity like no other. Walking suits. For people in the know, walking suits quite simply are matching shirt and pant sets that men wear when they go out or to an event and don't feel like wearing a traditional suit. They are kind of a throwback to leisure suits of the seventies but look much nicer and are made of much nicer fabrics. We have been selling walking suits since the late 1980s when they first came onto the scene made of silky rayon fabric. If fact they were first referred to as Rayon Sets by the manufacturers. The term walking suit came from people down south who named the outfits. These dressy shirt and pants outfits are generally made of fashion suit fabrics that give the outfit a dressier look for the wearer. Walking suits are an ever changing fashion look because the manufacturers are always updating the styles with whatever new fabrics and fashion looks come out by the designers. Designers are constantly tweaking the looks of menswear by adding this detail or that detail, or by bringing out certain colors and discontinuing other colors to constantly keep the styles fresh. You will find these casual style suits now come in so many different varieties whether they are short sleeve or long sleeve with an unbelievable selection of fabrics and looks that it is difficult to buy just one of them. From shadow stripes to hounds tooth patterns and traditional collars to banded collars, you'll have difficulty just limiting yourself to one walking suit. Shop for Walking Suits Here.
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