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Mens White Zoot Suit Tuxedo by Fortini T903V
Code: vittorio-st-angelo-mens-three-piece-cuff-sleeve-fashion-suit-t75758
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White Zoot Suits are what you need to wear if you're into swing dancing or going to a swing dance party. Get ready Cool Cats and bring back Swing dancing in a big way with a Zoot Suit just brimming with attitude. We all know that unless you work in the entertainment business on stage, you're not going to wear a Zoot Suit to work but wear one when you're on your own time ready to have a good time at a party or maybe just want to dress up on Halloween as a 1940s Cool Cat. Look Well Dressed no matter what the occasion in this four button 36 inch long vested zoot suit. The Jacket falls to Lower Thigh. Fabric is Poly Poplin. There is something about zoot suits that just puts smiles on everyone's face when they see you wearing one. It has to be the fact that zoot suits are just known for wearing to fun parties and dances where people just let their hair down. When it's time to party and everyone has to attend in a costume, this zoot suit will make heads turn because it makes a fantastic zoot suit costume with it's long cut jacket and baggy pants. Wearing a zoot suit has always been a fun way to dress ever since the Pachuco men in the South West starting wearing them in the late 1930s. These fancy long jacket style suits got quickly adopted by African American men in all of the Urban areas across the country and really got popular. The in your face style that a zoot suit represents did make things heated in the early 1940s with the zoot suit riots when men who were wearing zoot suits were confronted by conservative minded men who didn't understand or want to understand what a zoot suit was all about.
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