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Matrix Style Black Mandarin Collar Suit Alberto HM45GA
Code: vittorio-st-angelo-mens-new-pinstriped-two-piece-suit-hm4545
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Need a futuristic Matrix styled suit that will have everyone stopping their conversations. This 45 inch extra long Chinese collar suit by Vittorio St. Angelo make that actually happen. It has that Neo from Matrix look and attitude. Featuring an extra long Mandarin collar style jacket that comes down past the knees, this is the type of suit that does not allow you to quietly blend into the woodwork. This Chinese collar Matrix style suit features a 45 inch long jacket that looks like you would see Keanu Reeves wearing when he played Neo in the Matrix movies. This will make a great Matrix Costume if you're trying to dress up as Neo from the Matrix. Just watch out for those Special Agents Mr. Anderson. Learn more about Chinese Collar Suits
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