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Striped Suits-It's more than Pinstripes
Once you become familiar and comfortable wearing suits to work or Church, it will be more than acceptable for you to stray away a little bit from solid colors and start to experiment with pattern fabrics that compliment your appearance. Striped Suits seem to be one of the more popular fabric patterns than many men seem to prefer when it comes to dressing up and looking your best. You'll be very pleased to know that there are many varieties available of striped suits and that you don't have to pigeon holed into just adopting one single pattern. It's more than just pinstripes that are available to the average suit buyer out there. The suit makers are always on top of their game and will constantly be creating new stripe patterns whether it happens to be the classic pin stripe with a half inch space or by widening it up to closer to an inch. They even make striped style suits in a narrow pinstripe which is also called the pencil type stripe because it is very fine and narrow spaced down to an eight of an inch wide lending the suits look an entirely different personality. If you're looking for perhaps a suit with a more formal appearance, the shadow stripe is also a very good choice when the stripe itself has a satin appearance lending itself to more of a formal wear look that can actually be a substitute for wearing a tuxedo as well. So, once you break out of that box wearing solid color suits every day, you may just want to delve into the world of striped suits.
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