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Spectator Shoes- The Original Sporting Event Shoe
Once upon a time men had to look dress up even if technically they were dressing for a casual event or sporting event outside. You always needed to wear a suit and tie as well as a hat on your head. That went for shoes as well and you wore dress shoes that were actually casual in nature. One type of shoe of that caliber were spectator shoes. Nowadays Spectator shoes are mostly worn by entertainers and men who go swing dancing in their zoot suits as a hobby. That wasn't always the the case though. Spectator shoes were worn by many men of means as a casual shoe that was worn during sporting events such as horse racing and tennis matches by you guessed it, the Spectator. They became really big during the prohibition days and were worn by many men who were into stylish dressing and wore their suits with a mission. Stacy Adams Shoes continues to lead the march with their ever evolving collection. Spectator shoes generally come in either black and white or a brown and cream color combination and come in different styles such as your traditional wingtip shoes or cap toe style oxford shoes. Spectator shoes were for casual events then and are still considered for casual events now and should never be worn into a business environment such as a bank or court house. The proper gentleman should once again wear spectator shoes for fun situations like theme parties or entertaining. Wear a pair of spectator shoes with that zoot suit you have in your closet and you're sure to have yourself a good time and let loose on the dance floor.
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