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EJ Samuel Suits | EJ Samuel High Fashion Suits
EJ Samuel Suits are high fashion style suits and dress suits made to be worn with Stacy Adams Shoes and especially fine looking Alligator Shoes for the grown man that are known for using the most more
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EJ Samuel Suits Mens Gray Plaid Shawl Collar Vest M2710
Code: ej-samuel-suits-mens-gray-plaid-shawl-collar-vest-m2710
$199.99   $250.00

EJ Samuel Suits Mens Charcoal Red Plaid Scoop Vest M2712
Code: ej-samuel-suits-mens-charcoal-red-plaid-scoop-vest-m2712
$199.99   $250.00

EJ Samuel Suits Mens Taupe Plaid Double Breasted Vest M2711
Code: ej-samuel-suits-mens-taupe-plaid-double-breasted-vest-m2711
$199.99   $250.00

EJ Samuel Suits Mens Blue Plaid Scoop Vest M2713
Code: ej-samuel-suits-mens-blue-plaid-scoop-vest-m2713
$199.99   $250.00

EJ Samuel Suits Mens Red Plaid Jacket Solid Pants Ensemble M2714
Code: ej-samuel-suits-mens-red-plaid-jacket-solid-pants-ensemble-m2714
$199.99   $250.00

EJ Samuel Suits Mens Blue Plaid Jacket Solid Pants Ensemble M2714
Code: ej-samuel-suits-mens-blue-plaid-jacket-solid-pants-ensemble-m2714
$199.99   $250.00

Soprano Mens Stripe Black Velvet Two Piece Fashion Suit M1541 IS
Code: soprano-mens-new-black-velvet-two-piece-fashion-suit-m1541
$109.99   $229.99

EJ Samuel Charcoal Plaid 3 Piece Fashion Suit M2637 Size 40R
Code: john-raphael-mens-white-black-fine-pinstripe-three-piece-zoot-suit
$184.99   $250.00

EJ Samuel Mens Black Square Plaid Vintage Style Suit M2698 IS
Code: newitem249315060
$199.99   $250.00

EJ Samuel Mens Burgundy Stripe DB Vest Vintage Style Suit M2700
Code: newitem249314659
$199.99   $250.00

EJ Samuel Red Black Double Breasted Evening Suit M2641
Code: newitem310406321
$179.99   $240.00

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