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Skinny Fit Suit-The Trimmer Look
Suit fashion is always on a merry go round it seems. What goes around comes around and over and over again. Fifty two years ago, we're talking 1960, there was a revolution in the suit fashion world that put style on it's head. Like everything else involved with style they were first seen on musicians and other celebrities. Slim Fit Suits are the new interpretation of skinny fitting style. Shorter in the jacket and tighter in the trousers, this was suit meant to gain attention. The skinny fit suit made a huge impression on people because they were quite counter culture to the more conservative dress that men were all wearing prior with their baggy style 3 button sack suits of the day that said Ivy League. The skinny fit suit had it's own beat to march to and it did with it's tighter fitting jackets that were an inch or so shorter than a traditional suit jacket. Lapels so narrow and skinny that you almost didn't see them and skinny fit pants that is some cases left little to the imagination. It made for a suit that was just inappropriate for the conservative environment of the business world. Now it is true that mens suits of the early 1960s did have a slimmer fit and narrow lapels but not as outrageous as you would see on a skinny fit suit that would be worn by the likes of someone like James Brown in his heyday. James Brown would usually be seen shimmying with his slick shoes wearing a skinny fit suit doing what seemed like impossible moves. He also had a penchant for the shiny shark skin fabric of the day that was a metallic look and has come back in style. So, if you're a man of the new generation who favors style and are in good shape, take a look at the skinny fit suit.
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