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Silversilk Mens Beige Burgundy Knit Front Casual Walking Suit 9302
When your mens fashion tastes are just a cut above what others might be wearing, it's time for you to make the plunge and start wearing Silversilk Casual Outfits by Michael Irvin. Crafted of fine quality silk blend fabric that drapes beautifully, Silversilk Clothing is the premier brand of mens fashion walking suits. Michael Irvin wanted to have a menswear manufacturer make clothing like walking suits that had the style,fabric and flair that suited him and Silversilk was born. Silversilk Clothing is what you see Celebrities wear when casual menswear is the dress code. This Silversilk two piece walking suit is made of fine Rayon featuring flat front pants with matching knit trim that is wrinkle free. Stay crisp no matter what life throws your way with a pair of new Stacy Adams Shoes. So when you're ready to shop online for Casual outfits that will make you stand above the rest, it's time to buy Silversilk Casual Walking Suits at Since you already like Silversilk Walking Suits by Michael Irvin, you may want to shop online for Crocodile Shoes and Buy Belvedere Shoes, Mezlan Shoes and David Eden Shoes Here. If you appreciate the nicer mens clothes, check out the rest of our Silversilk 2 Piece Sets Here. Now some of you who don't know about Silversilk Walking Suits may be asking what makes Silversilk any better than other brand walking suits. First things first. You get what you pay for. Besides, fantastic Casual Style and trim details that you won't find on lesser walking suits, just take a look at the construction. On a pair of Silversilk pants you will find a well constructed waistband with inlayed rubber which will help keep the shape of the waist band and keep the waist band in place. You will see that the pockets both inside and out are well made and roomy, the closures on the pants are not cheaply made either and will last for the life of the outfit. You tell tell that moment you feel the fabric on a Silversilk walking suit that this is not cheap stuff by any means. So when buy a Silversilk walking suit, you won't ever have the feeling that you didn't get what you paid for. No, it's the opposite. You'll have the feeling like you are wearing the Mercedes Benz of Walking Suits.
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