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Tuxedo Regular Fit
If you want a mens tuxedo with a regular fit, this is the section you need to be on. Regular fit tuxedos are your standard fitting tux when you think of how a regular tuxedo fits. In this day and age more
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Matching Products: 47
Statement Wool Tuxedo Mens Double Breasted Black Tux-DB
Code: statement-wool-tuxedo-mens-double-breasted-black-tux-db-
$219.99   $280.00

Statement Wool Tuxedo 3 Button 3 Piece Black Tux-PK
Code: statement-wool-tuxedo-3-button-3-piece-black-tuxedo-tux-pk
$219.99   $280.00

Vinci Mens Shiny Purple 3 Piece Tuxedo Entertainer 23TX-1
Code: newitem249315264
$169.99   $230.00

Vinci Mens Blue Sharkskin 3 Pc. Entertainer Suit Tuxedo 23TX-1
Code: falcone-new-mens-black-shadow-striped-perry-vested--zoot-suit-3174000
$169.99   $230.00

Mens Burgundy Wine Tuxedo Suit Las Vegas 3 Pc. Performer 23TX-1
Code: newitem266243874
$169.99   $230.00

Milano Moda Mens Black Tuxedo With Tails T505
Code: newitem345225309
$149.99   $230.00

Mens White Tuxedo With Tails Pleated Pants Milano Moda T505
Code: newitem345225358
$149.99   $230.00

Vinci Mens Black with White Vest Tuxedo with Tails T-2X
Code: vinci-mens-new-black-with-white-vest-tuxedo-with-tails-t22
$149.99   $249.99

Vittorio St. Angelo Mens Black Tuxedo with Tails Y613W
Code: vittorio-st-angelo-mens-new-tuxedo-with-tails-y76763
$159.99   $249.99

White Tuxedo with Tails for Men Regular Fit Vittorio Y613W
Code: newitem376681023
$159.99   $230.00

Vinci Mens Black Swirl Lapel Tuxedo With Tails Formalwear T-AX
Code: vittorio-st-angelo-mens-new-two-button-tuxedo-formalwear-y72724
$159.99   $240.00

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