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Mens Ostrich Leg Skin Shoes-What is the Difference
If you're a fan of mens exotic skin dress shoes than I'm pretty sure you may be a fan of Mens Ostrich Leg Skin Shoes. Now the difference between Ostrich Leg Skin and just regular Ostrich Skin is sort of like the difference between Nebraska and the Rocky Mountains. Ostrich Leg Skin naturally is just what the name implies. Leather that is derived from the leg of an Ostrich which has a very distinctive texture that once you see it you'll know that the gentle topography if you will is Ostrich Skin. You can tell that it is the front of the Ostrich leg skin opened up. Now regular Ostrich skin is much different because that skin is derived from the rest of big bird. It has a completely different texture that are all pimply sort of bumps where the feathers were plucked out of. It looks nothing like the skin that comes from the leg because the legs have no feathers on them. They are naturally smooth with a very gentle ribbing on them. Both types of Ostrich skins are highly prized and coveted for mens exotic skin dress shoes by Celebrities and Athletes and are fashioned in a number of styles and colors from makers like David Eden and Belvedere. Shop Here for Mens Ostrich Leg Skin Shoes By David Eden.
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