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Mezlan Shoes Tyson II Mens Black Italian Deerskin Captoe Shoe 12859
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Don't go to work wearing the same tired boring dress shoes when the Tyson by Mezlan can put something special into your look without making waves. These are a traditional style Cap toe shoe made in the old fashions ways of Italian shoe making that always produce a superior fitting and wearing dress shoe unlike mass produced machine made shoes made of inferior materials. The Tyson by Mezlan Shoes is a Cap-toe style shoe featuring Genuine Deerskin Inlay and burnished Italian Calfskin Leather that are Handmade in Spain with Hand Made craftsmanship with a full leather lining,memory foam infused insole for comfort and hand stitched leather sole. Enjoy all the attention you receive when you step into the room wearing these Italian Leather Shoes by Mezlan Shoes. Read More About Crocodile Shoes Here. Find stylish looking Alligator Shoes. When you buy Mezlan Shoes, your wardrobe and you will look your absolute stellar best. So, when the time comes to buy Mezlan Shoes, is the Online Store for You. I bet you're ready to treat yourself and Shop for Mezlan Shoes. Find the Whole Collection of Mezlan Shoes Here. Questions You May Have Buying Mezlan Shoes. Question: Why Should I Buy a Pair of Mezlan Shoes? Answer: For men who value quality as much as they value sleek Italian style that goes into each and every pair of Mezlan shoes. One thing remains clear as day. You really do get what you pay for. Mezlan shoes are not some overpriced pair of shoes with the trendy designer of the day's name on them. Quite the contrary. Mezlan shoes are made by highly skilled shoe designers and crafted by skilled shoe artisans who have been making the finest quality shoes for years and years. Some of the shoe artisans have been crafting shoes for over 30 years so they know exactly about the quality and how it takes only the finest Italian leathers combined with God given skill to make a fine pair of shoes that you will recognize the moment you take them out of the box from their cotton flannel shoe covers. Question: What makes Mezlan shoes so comfortable? Answer: One of the very first things that makes any pair of shoes comfortable is the lasts that they are made on. Lasts are shoe forms usually made of wood by the better shoe brands and Mezlan uses only wooden lasts for their shoes that are anatomically correct so that they feel like they form to your feet the way shoes are supposed to fit. You see, when a shoe maker doesn't make the shoes on lasts that are anatomically correct they are breaking the first rule on making shoes. The rule that shoes are supposed to comfortable first and foremost, but by using wooden shoe lasts that are shaped exactly like people's feet, you are ensuring the shoes will be comfortable the first time and every time. Now, wooden lasts are not exactly cheap because they have to be carved by people who specialize in this craft to make sure that the lasts are made exactly to shape like a person's fit would be shaped and once this is done, you're going to have a pair of shoes that will be nice and comfy to wear all day long. Question: How do I know what size Mezlan shoes to order online? Answer: If you already own some dress shoes in your closet by brand names such as Stacy Adams, Florsheim, Giorgio Brutini or even Belvedere, just order the same exact size because they are sized in the traditional English shoe sizes. Now if you don't readily wear dress shoes on a regular basis and don't exactly know your dress shoe size, You can go by the Nike size system and just order one full size smaller than the Nike shoes you normally would wear. So, if your Nike shoe size is an 11 no matter what style you buy, just order a size 10 in a pair of Mezlan shoes and you should be golden. Once you see that your size in Mezlan shoes is what it is, don't worry about ordering another pair online in the future because Mezlan takes extraordinary steps to ensure that one style size 10 fits in the same exact way as another style size 10 or what ever your shoe size may be. Question: Are Mezlan shoes better quality than shoes that are cheaper priced? Answer: Yes,yes and yes. First of all when you buy a pair of shoes that are pricey like Mezlan, you should know that cutting corners was never and issue with the construction Mezlan shoes. They are simply made of the very best tanned Italian leathers and exotic skin leathers that money can buy and that they don't cheapen up the production of the shoes by introducing cheaper materials like vinyl anywhere on the shoes. You will see right away that shoes are completely made of natural breathable leather inside and out and have absolutely no man made materials except for the piece of rubber attached to the heels of the shoes. Everything else is full leather uppers, lambskin leather linings and full leather hand carved soles and heals with brass tacks. Now if that isn't quality. Nothing is. Question: Is there any special way to take care of exotic shoes like Mezlan? Answer: If you take care of your shoes like you spent good money on them, you're already doing the right thing. Doing things like wiping them down and putting them away in their flannel shoe bags after wearing them is always a good habit to keep and keeping them polished on a regular basis with a good wax based shoe polish will help protect the Italian leather that they are made of. I also highly recommend getting yourself some real cedar shoe trees to put in the shoes after wearing them to absorb all the perspiration and restore the shape of the shoes to their original shape ensuring that you will get the very most for your money.
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