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Ivory Tuxedo
Being a huge fan of James Bond movies since I was a kid, I've always been enamored with the sense of style that the British Super Spy seemed to have in buckets. Style that other men just don't seem to possess or can't get. One of the stylish looks that James Bond would be seen in would be the Ivory Tuxedo. When other men in the room were wearing the same old black Tuxedo, In would come James Bond wearing an Ivory Tuxedo looking like the Million Pounds Sterling that he was. When you would think that any spy would be giving himself away wearing an Ivory Tuxedo when he should be blending into the crowd, he would do the complete opposite with the Ivory Tuxedo inviting both the bad guys and ladies in the process. It was almost like the saying of "keep your friends close but your enemies closer" mentality of wearing an Ivory Tuxedo just so James Bond could easily find who was trying to do him in. Pretty smart, right. Now an Ivory tuxedo can come in all the same styles that your black tuxedo would come in except it will have the eye catching impact that black just won't have due to the fact that most men play it safe in black and henceforth won't stand out in the crowd. An Ivory tuxedo suit will have the same tuxedo features that a black tux will have like the satin lapels and satin stripe going down the side of the legs of the pants. Ivory tuxedos come in single buttons styles, 2 button styles,3 button styles and even shawl collar styles. You can even find Ivory tuxedos that come with the tails, too. These days, they even make stylish fashion tuxedos which may have tone on tone pattern fabric which stand out even more. Whichever Ivory tuxedo you are looking to buy will look great on you because, hey, how ofter do get all cleaned up and dressed to kill. Well if attention is what drives you and getting it from the ladies matters most, an Ivory Tuxedo is just the thing to buy for special occasions like Proms, Weddings and Ring Dances. Shopping online for an Ivory tuxedo is easy when you shop online at
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