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Mens Slim Fitted Suits-The 1960s and Now
The Beatles wore them, as well as anyone else who wore fashionable slim suits in the early 1960s. You could spot them right away with their narrow lapels and slim cut flat front pants. The jackets looked like there no room to fit a pack of Marlboro's in the coat. I'm talking about Mens slim Fitted Suits. They look almost like a classic looking suit but very quickly you realize that it isn't. You'll first notice the way the suit jacket literally hugs the body like it was cut for that person. There is simply no unnecessary fabric on a suit that comes fitted like this. Generally a slim cut suit will have narrow lapels and hand stitched lapels for a hand tailored look. The slacks are always flat front and you'll never find a pleat keeping with the concept of not wasting precious material. The pants will be fitted as well so if you're not in the best of shape you would be well advised to stay clear. Suits like this that come fitted are always best worn on men who are either slim or in good shape. If you are overly muscular like a body builder, I don't recommend them for you either because the sleeves are tighter fitting so you won't be able to get your arms in there and be comfortable. There is no extra material to hide any unflattering baggage. If you have love handles, everyone will now know it. Slim fitting suits come in sharkskin harking back to the 1960s as well as your standard classic fabrics like pinstripes and solid wovens. If you're in great shape I highly recommend picking up a couple Slim Fit Suits.
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