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Double Breasted Suits-For Men Who Have Style
When it comes to elegance, one type of suit stands out heads and shoulders above the rest. The Double Breasted Suit. Double breasted style suits have been around for generations but seem to not get entrenched in business suit attire. The Double Breasted look always seems to be a suit for wearing at night because these wrap over style suits are just so much more dressy looking than a single breasted suit is. The way the buttons sit on the front of the suit jacket on either side of the coat just has a panache and sophistication about it. So rich looking and elegant with a panache that has no equal. You can usually find suits that are double breasted that either come with 4 button or 6 button versions on the front and change in style from season to season. Whichever number of buttons is available that season will more than satisfy your personal style. Double breasted suits are also a type of style suit that doesn't work for every bodies physique and style. A short stocky man should not really be wearing a double breasted style type suit because they just don't look right on them. It tends to make a stocky man look even stockier. A double breasted style looks absolutely phenomenal on a man who is leaner and in good shape. When I think of a perfect size double breasted suit wearer, I always think of my father who wears a size 42 Long. You see when it comes to wearing suits properly, you have to wear what looks right on you. Just because a particular suit looks good on someone else, doesn't mean it will look good on you unless you're the same body type and have the same complexion. In my Father's case he always looks amazing wearing suits that are double breasted because he had the right physique, ie: tall and thin to properly enhance the lines of the suit jacket. The way the peaked lapels would sit on the coat was the way a suit should look.
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