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Cheap Suits- How Not to Get Ripped Off.
Cheap suits no longer have the bad connotation that used to associated with them years ago. When it comes to shopping for cheap suits, you don't have to look like a hot mess wearing one if you know how to shop for one. You see when it comes to cheap suits, there are actually grades of cheapness that once you become aware, you can just take a look at the suit on the hanger and know that the particular suit you are looking at is actually too cheap to wear and look presentable. If you are shopping for cheap suits for either work or going to Church, you need to know what to look for. First off, take a look at the fabric of the suit. Does it feel nice when you touch it or does it have a cheap feel. A good type of fabric you want to look for is a Poly/Rayon blend fabric which on better made cheap suits has a super 150s weave which is quite fine and had a soft smooth wool touch. Cheap suits can even be made of poly poplin weave but there are varying grades of quality to be found. Now take of the jacket from the hanger and see if this cheap suit is a well made suit or just cheap. Does the structure of the shoulders hold firm in your hand. Are the seams on the shoulders even and not bulging out or pucker around the seams. If the answer is yes, then proceed to how the lapels look on the jacket. Do these type of cheap suits have a good finish. Now try on the jacket and see if this is a cheap suit or cheaply priced suit. Does it fit you properly and look right. Does the collar of the jacket hug your neck or does it gap in an ugly cheap manner. Does the body of this cheap suit have the right cut and fit your torso in a pleasing manner. If the answer is yes. Then you have your self a winner.
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