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Celebrity Suits-How Celebrities Get Paid
It suddenly dawned on me that almost any celebrity who is seen wearing a suit on a regular basis all of a sudden comes out with his own suit label. Ever since Steve Harvey broke that ground, all kinds of entertainers and athletes have gotten a suit with there name on it. Now I know how it really works. They don’t develop or manufacture there own suits. A suit manufacturer does that. What happens is that the Suit Manufacturer makes contact with the Celebrity’s Agent for an offer to make suits with their famous or somewhat famous name on it. If the Celebrity and his agent think it’s a good idea they agree. Usually it is. It’s another stream of income for them with absolutely no work involved. What happens is that the Suit Manufacturer comes up with all the new fabrics and styles of the suits. They show the celebrity and he agrees to it. The Manufacturer has the suits manufactured by a suit factory usually in China and goes about marketing the suits in various trade shows to sell them to all the suit stores or department stores interested in them. The Celebrity usually gets a 10% cut of the sales from the manufacturer. It’s a licensing agreement to use their name on the product. That’s probably one of best things about becoming famous is that you can suddenly put your name on almost anything because you are famous and make tons of money doing so. The thing about Mens Suits is that they are usually more than double the price of a similar suit without the celebrity name. They are almost always made in the same factories in China where the regular brand name suits will be made. If fact, I have personally noticed the lengths which the manufacturer goes to in order to hide where it’s was really made. It may prominently say that the fabric or design is from Italy or France but you will have to dig inside a pocket to find the actual label that says made in China. Nice, Huh. You just paid over three hundred dollars for a Chinese suit that should have cost you no more than $150- $199 tops. All because some Celebrity you don’t personally know or knows you has his name on the suit. If the suit was made in Italy then it should be expensive due to labor costs and quality expertise. Many of the celebrities who have their own suit lines are not even in the spotlight anymore. Magic, retired. Steve Harvey,show canceled.(Please Note that Steve Harvey is back in the spotlight again sans hair.). Even Michael Jordan has been out of the game for ten years or more and is raking in more dough than ever with his sneakers,his formal suit line,restaurant and everything else. Pretty amazing. Oh, well. We can’t all be famous, right.
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