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Black and White Wingtip Shoes
I'm sure most of us are alike in the fact that appearances count. If you're like me you will look down at a persons shoes and see what they are wearing and the condition of the shoes as well. There are some dress shoes for men that literally make you see them long before you get close to them. One type of shoes like that are black and white wingtip shoes. Basically a black and white wingtip shoe is just a two tone wingtip shoe that is mostly black wingtip cap toe and heal with the center part of the shoes being white where they won't get too much wear. In days gone by shoes like those used to refered to as spectator shoes. Spectator shoes originally came out towards the end of the 1800s and first became popular with the Duke of Windsor. They reached their heights during the 1930s and were the shoes to wear. Sometimes the spectator shoes would have linen or some other type of fabric where the white sections would be for the summer months so the shoes could breath. Spectator Black and white wingtip shoes also became very popular on the golf course as well adopted by golfers because they could be worn in a more casual environment and not a business one. Black and white wingtip shoes are also very popular for those individuals who engage in swing dancing wearing their outrageous zoot suits and fedora hats. When it comes to spectator shoes it's always more fun to be having the fun that being the actual spectator.
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