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Belvedere Shoes Mens Brown Crocodile Calf Wingtip Loafers Lucas
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If you like to watch sports commentators and like the way they dress. Look down at their shoes and you might catch them wearing Belvedere Shoes. Belvedere makes Italian Exotic skin shoes by hand and are for men who really know what fine shoes are all about. Made of exotic skin like crocodile and lambskin leather linings, these have features that make them worth every penny. The Amato is a classy Italian wingtip lace up style made of gator skin with richly textured deer skin. Believe when people compliment you when you're seen out and about wearing a pair of Belvedere shoes. Don't be surprised or taken aback because with shoes like these, they are made to be noticed in a good way. Sleek Italian style has been known in the world of shoe fashion for years on end and Belvedere follows the style of Italy in all of it's greatness. Is it the exotic crocodile skin that grabs a person's attention, is the sleek Italian styling that begs to gazed upon, could it be the hand carved and shaped natural leather sole that is hand stitched to the crocodile skin uppers that is impossible to ignore or is it all of the above that makes wearing a pair of Belvedere shoes just worth it. Yes, yes and yes. Once you get a pair, you will be a member of their club and they won't be the last pair you get.
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