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2 Button Suits-Which Button do you Button
2 button suits have long been the overwhelming choice for the business world. Here is a question that gets asked all the time and it's timely advice we give to our store customers when it comes to how to button 2 Button Suits. It all depends on what your exact situation is when you're wearing one. Here's the first rule and please make note. When ever you are wearing a suit and a tie and you happen to be standing up, the jacket should always be buttoned. The only time you should keep the jacket unbuttoned is when you are sitting down because otherwise, it will be both uncomfortable and it will pull on the buttons on the jacket. Now here is the clincher on which button to button on a 2 button suit. On a standard style two button jacket suit only the top button should ever be fastened. Never ever fasten the bottom button on a 2 button jacket style suit. The reason why you don't fasten the bottom button is for both ease of movement and looks. By leaving the bottom button unfastened, the jacket is able to move better when you move but if you fasten it, it makes the jacket pull in manners that become unflattering when you move. A suit is all about looks and you want to look right when you are wearing it. A 2 button suit just doesn't look right when you fasten the bottom button on it. Stand in front of a full length mirror and then fasten the bottom button and see what it looks like. You'll quickly see that there is something about fastening the bottom button that simply doesn't look appealing. It has the sort of "this is the first time I wear suit look" to it. Now unfasten that bottom button and you'll immediately see that 2 button suit of yours come to life and you'll see that now you look correctly dressed. When you fasten only the top button and you're walking around, your jacket will compliment your movement and move with you the way it is supposed to, but if you dress incorrectly and fasten both buttons, the whole jacket will pull as you are moving in it, which is why you should never ever fasten anything but the top button on your 2 button suits.
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